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Lost 4.5” in Waist – Gained 4.5” in Chest
“I was surprised in the results I obtained in such a short period of time. When I look in the mirror, I can see the definition in my abs, my chest has increased, and I’m totally toned up.”




Lost 46 lbs
“This program is unlike any other program that I have tried — and it worked so well for me that my husband got on the program too!”

Iron Chest Master Fitness System: Results and Stats

Average Push-Ups Increase 52% in 8-Weeks

Participant Push-upsStart Push-upsEnd %Increase
Allmon 67 88 31%
Flores* 50 59 18%
Howell* 37 59 59%
Lux 51 74 45%
Pelca 28 53 89%
Robertson 52 69 33%
Ware 63 80 27%
Bolden 19 42 121%
Josh 50 65 30%
Scott 52 63 21%
Crenshaw 37 62 67%
Erickson 50 72 44%
Deroche 16 42 162%
Schramm 52 70 35%
Small 60 83 38%
Bybee 47 65 38%
Xanthos 20 33 65%
Barth 37 45 22%
Erickson 50 72 44%
Average Increase 52%

*Female    **The above participants completed a 6 or 8 week course

What Others Have to Say

Brent Robertson
“In the back of my mind I’ve always wanted to achieve a perfect score on my PT tests, but I usually average 220-240 which is ok, but I’ve always wanted to hit that magical 300 points.  After eight weeks of working out with Iron Chest Master Fitness System I scored a 296 on PT test which is the highest I’ve ever scored, and that includes basic training. I increased on my pushups and sit-ups and scored 100 points on the 2 mile run.  In fact, I finished the run with a full minute to spare and I haven’t scored 100 points on my run in 10 years.”

Nicholas Rawlings
“Prior to working with Ron I tried other programs but never had the success I’ve had with Ron.  Ron is the difference maker. He helped me believe in myself and taught me the right way to eat and exercise to make my body work at its highest capacity.”

About Ron Williams

7 Time Mr. Natural Universe Ron Williams is the creator of the revolutionary workout machine, the Iron Chest Master™.

As one of the country’s leading experts on exercise physiology, diet and nutrition, and fat loss, Ron’s brand of training has inspired and motivated hundreds of athletes and thousands of individuals to get into incredible shape — truly transforming them inside and out.


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