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Being a veteran and a master fitness trainer for the military Ron Williams understands the demand that is placed on our country’s finest.  He has scientifically created the Iron Chest Master, and the Iron Chest Master Fitness Programs to enhance physical performance in a way that no other program can, which also affects each serviceman’s outlook and better prepares them for the task that is set before them.

Elite Military Combat Training

Our Gold Standard of Military Training

Elite Military combat training is our most intense training program to date. Elite Military Combat Training consists of flexibility, endurance, speed, quickness, agility, and strength.  

Because of the nature of the military and the rigorous activities expected to be performed by our servicemen the words flexibility, endurance, quickness, agility and strength deserve a slightly different definition to more accurately define the depth of Elite Military Combat Training.

Military Muscle Flexibility – is the proper conditioning of the muscles and joints to allow for increased mobility for maximum movement and a full range of motion.  Range of motion is the distance and direction your joints move, while mobility is the ability to move without restriction.  By having a full range of motion it allows for complete development of the muscle and the safety of the muscle and the joint, while having a limited range of motion (or lack of flexibility) limits development and causes you to be more prone to injury.  Regardless of the task it is imperative that you have full flexibility to prevent injury.

Military Muscle Endurance – is the ability of the muscle to sustain a prolonged stressful situation or activity.   Our objective is to train the muscle repeatedly under stress, while slowly increasing the duration of time.  This forces the body to develop the capacity to go longer and harder.  The muscle will build up a tolerance to the activity or environment it is exposed to by increasing its capacity to retain more glycogen.  Once the glycogen has been increased from the repetitive movements the muscle surpasses its previous limitations and develops new thresholds or endurance.

Military Muscle Speed/Quickness – is going from point (a) to point (b) laterally or in a straight line for short distances.  We repeat the movements forcing an increase in the number of rotations within the same distances using the same amount of time; therefore moving faster with more efficiency.  This type of training improves speed and quickness.

Military Muscle Agility – is learning to maneuver and move athletically in every direction; including, forwards and backwards and side-to-side with restraint, coordination, and control.  Some individuals are born with this skill, while others will have to develop it, but both can improve it.  Elite Military Combat Training focuses on muscle agility.

Military Muscle Strength – is the ability to remove or lift obstructions or heavy objects that are in the way or prevents you from completing the mission.  Strength is also the ability of a muscle or muscle groups to exert enough force to overcome obstructions giving you a greater advantage.  Strength can be measured based on the amount of weight lifted.  Increasing strength is very important, but our objective is to get stronger without losing endurance, flexibility, or agility.

Mastering the combination of these “5” skills will enhance and ensure the physical readiness of each of our servicemen to more confidently and effectively perform any of the tasks in their everyday life. With ICM Elite Military Combat Training program these “5” skills are intertwined throughout each training session.

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About Ron Williams

7 Time Mr. Natural Universe Ron Williams is the creator of the revolutionary workout machine, the Iron Chest Master™.

As one of the country’s leading experts on exercise physiology, diet and nutrition, and fat loss, Ron’s brand of training has inspired and motivated hundreds of athletes and thousands of individuals to get into incredible shape — truly transforming them inside and out.


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